Why Migrate to WordPress


Migrating to WordPress can be for numerous reasons, among them few are below

  • Focus on a different domain name
  • Making the switch from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Upgrading to a different host or domain
  • Changes to the structure, navigation, or appearance
  • Transitioning from a test server to a live site

Features WordPress

Using a different content management platform has many drawbacks and sometimes you have to solve your problem on your own. While WordPress is one of the highly active popular open-source content management systems. There’s always someone who has solved a problem before you can experience it. From any technical issue to accessibility concerns anything you can solve with their support team.

WordPress includes several advanced and valuable features that you can’t find on another platform. You can choose from many features according to your need and boost your website’s user experience.

Here’s a list of some of WordPress’s most fantastic features,

Benefits of migrating to WordPress

The benefits of switching to WordPress are innumerable. There are so many advantages that we can’t describe enough how important it is.

  • Extremely customizable
  • It’s mobile-friendly
  • It comes with a built-in blog
  • Longevity and scalability
  • Access to developers
  • The ecosystem is massive
  • It’s very handy to improve SEO
  • Easy to integrate your e-commerce
  • WordPress has a highly active community
  • It helps in the fast loading of your website
  • It’s a free-to-use open-source platform
  • It’s very simple to use for a non-technical person
  • You have access to a large number of plugins

Let’s Get Started

Why choose WordPress for your business site?

Our WordPress Website Migration Process

Data migration from one platform to another is a time-consuming and difficult task. When performing this procedure, more caution is required. CreedAlly provides a seamless single-handedly data migration process, from data extraction to data modification to data transfer.

Okay! Let’s Migrate to WordPress

Why us?


Over the years of migrating numerous websites from other CMS to WordPress, we have understood the pain points and delivered as per the exact need. If you have ever outsourced, you must be knowing about the difficulties. And that’s what we overcome by being a reliable partner.

It’s tough to look for a good agency that can grasp your particular requirements and deliver them on schedule and in a transparent manner. We have experienced this ourselves and formed this agency that would authentic reliable outsourcing partner for any WordPress agency around the globe and direct clients.

CreedAlly is having an experienced team of WordPress consultants and developers working together to accomplish unthinkable achievements for your business and to maintain the acceleration needed to steady growth from all angles.

Our Recent Case Studies

WordPress for Publishers

For publishing companies like this, information and presentation is everything. It was required to build a platform which would be fast and provide digital experience to users on their mobile devices.Company has a vision to spread authentic updates and quality content.
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WordPress for Publishers

Online Consulting App

A client wished to have a web application for doctors where we managed to add important functionalities with online consultation with online payment and engaging UI. Keeping in mind overall performance, user experience and integrity we improved system.
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Online Consulting App

Custom Shirt Designer

There was a need for a plugin for tailors. We could develop customized formidable functionality and add-ons. The key achievable were to manage all functionality using “formidable shirt plugin” making it more flexible, feasible and scalable.
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Custom Shirt Designer

Why Customers Love

Working With Us

Excellent solution for WordPress and html coding. Excellent attitude and on time! Very open to adjustments and further implementation. Highly recommended for web designer that cannot code. Happy with the work!

We’re looking for someone who can help us with HubSpot API integration and we found Nirmal and Team CreedAlly! I had a smooth working experience with CreedAlly’s WordPress Development Team through the process of implementing this challenging task of API Integration. It was a task that very few people can actually perform and resolve in such an effective way. Definitely recommended and I will keep working with them for our future projects. Kudos to the team.

Neondots Digital Communications founds CreedAlly before a couple of months ago, since then we are working together on multiple projects. We rely on the great work from Nirmal and his team for website development. Though working together across continents, communication between us couldn’t be any better. CreedAlly has the right tools and processes in place to always deliver on time and as per the brief.

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Maria Fernanda Valencia




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Mike Kieschnick


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