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Extensive User Research that identifies the persona

Initially, it is very important to understand the user persona visiting your website. When you have crystalized researched outcome it works as a concrete base for the whole design of the website. After getting into the insights of each element from the user's perspective the end-product you get influenced a lot on your business. We research and prepare a document as specified by you ranging age groups, interests, preferences, frequency of visit, color choice and what elements attract a user more.

Wireframes and Prototypes explaining thought-process

When the features, design, user responsiveness, navigational functionalities are finalized a prototype is developed that covers all of the client requirements and is tested several times considering it in the real-time scenario. This helps to identify several loopholes that prevail before the actual website design developed. Our team of experts uses specialized software to develop wireframes or prototypes following the documentation prepared in the earlier phases.

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Usability Testing aiming at high-end accessibility

Once the design is finalized it is a must to test your website with users in view of user accessibility, easy navigation, speed, performance, design-centric tests which are evaluated based on the user experience. This phase is very important in terms of user perspective and their response to the design of your website. In this phase, CreedAlly concentrates on each and every detailed requirement of the client whether it is implemented properly or not to get the actual feel of the final product. 

User Interface Design resolution acquiring customer needs

We deliberately test the design on different devices keeping into consideration resolution, font style, performance on different devices or overall appearance of each option made available to the user. Here, we closely look into product display, its clarity and other factors to enhance the user experience and readability.

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Framed UI Testing and Validation acknowledging design errors

CreedAlly tests User Interface design with the principles of GUI (Graphical User Interface) thereby identifying all the defects and technical misleads that are necessary to be rectified. Majority of the emphasis is given on scalability, modularity, design acceptance and reliability of the design functions.

User-specific Information Architecture implementation  

In WordPressWooCommerce the complete architecture of information is designed and set such that it becomes for the user to search and navigate for specific information within the website. As a whole, a complete flow of information pathway is structured in order to make the website more responsive, error-free, remove all glitches and most importantly its navigational functionalities. We use specific tools to design such architecture which is compatible with WordPress older and newer versions with minimum upgradations.

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