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User Acceptance Testing to keep track of performance

Our team of software testers sits together with your team members to actually test all the features and make sure that each and every requirement is fulfilled. Here, we go about testing a bit longer and at the maximum level to judge its output as well as its behavior when an actual user operates the system.

Server & Site Security Testing for safe surfing

With the help of server level plugins and tools, we test overall server architecture and website security making it sure that it has an SSL certificate, TLS compliant, HTTPS layer. We provide payment gateway integration services that are PCI compliant from the perspective of WooCommerce websites. All these protocols and layers are cross-checked and verified by our team. If our team finds any of the protocol is not been fulfilled, they set up right away to complete every process of the development.

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Step by step Code Debugging and Testing to eliminate functional errors

It is always mandatory to follow Coding Standards while developing a website. Here, we follow the same standards and debug every line of code to remove further errors occurring in the near future. Complete testing is observed keeping in mind all the requirements from your side and our checklist all the successful test steps to work upon areas where close attention is required.

Performance-centric Load Testing for high traffic websites

In the case of small blogs, static websites there are lesser chances that the load balancing is badly affected. But, if the website heavily relies on content publishing news site or eCommerce website where people spend more time, it becomes the need of an hour to keep track of traffic and for safety, purposes work upon load balancing in order to avoid website crash or data loss. We test all sorts of load balancing occurrences to avoid further major disruptions when the actual website is live. 

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Third-Party API endpoints checks

This is the phase where we test Third Party API links when a user visits your website. Here, we check the HTTP(s) link that properly points towards the resources and does abruptly end in between while loading. This helps to enhance the effective use of the latest technology without any disruptions prevailing even in the worst cases.

Manually testing across major devices for better responsiveness

Apart from testing with tools on all devices, we conduct manual testing on all major devices like Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile and other devices to note down its ratio of responsiveness across all these devices and point out any defects that still avoid smooth running of the website and its features.  

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