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Database Architecture/ File Structure Analysis

When you are beginning with your business, it is advisable to have a well-structure two-dimensional database with rows and columns to bifurcate all data of a user. Having a file structure for your whole system is highly recommended for fast processing and extraction of data. We analyze every form of data gathered from a particular user or even the nature of your website and prepare a file structure and database based on that needs. Mostly for database software like MySQL is most preferable in WordPress that have an easy file structure.

URL Mapping & Redirection Rules Implementation

There are lots of advantage of developing a website on the WordPress platform. Especially, shortening of URLs, reduce the occurrence of broken links, redirecting multiple sites to a single domain name and much more. Set of redirection rules can be applied for the user while they navigate. In the case of URL mapping, it is to set a complete architecture of URLs for a user visiting from one page to another. There are specific tools and plugins which help to map the whole of a website. 

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Third-Party APIs and Data Analysis

While the data migration is underway, with the help of REST APIs it is easy to integrate your website Third-party tools for better performance and enhance the use of technology for future prospect. Also, we closely analyze each and every data being migrated and set apart in chronological order as before but here the thing is, it is done with the help of a set of plugins, tools such as WP-CLI and concepts that avail data easily to the administrator of the website. 

Media Files Analysis to understand site capabilities

CreedAlly takes utmost care to analyze every media files and prioritize them based on the nature of its execution and requirement on WordPress platform without really disturbing its origin, links and elementary placement. Many of the media files may directly be linked to the landing page, multiple posts or even specific sections. We take care of all those analyzing them with structure.

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Speed & Performance Optimization that target load-balancing 

To reduce the bounce rate, it is important to focus on the performance and speed of the website which is affecting the engagement, CTR, average time spent by the user on a page and increase session over a page. We implement a set of plugins which keep track of speed & performance to optimize them and help a website load faster. Optimization is done on images, media files, design and specific pages that load more while redirection. 

After Launch Support and Team Training 

Worried about after service? Well, CreedAlly ensures that your website performs ideally even after the complete handing over website to you through live chat support, online solutions and many other ways. While we deliver you the final product our responsibility does not limit there rather we focus to provide support to our esteemed clients whenever required with the most simplified mutual maintenance contracts. 

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Concerned about data loss while data migration implementation?

Connect with Data Migration expert to migrate your existing data to WordPress with all the data and functionalities intact.