CreedAlly’s satisfying journey of bringing happiness to its Loyal Customers

CreedAlly 1st Anniversary
Howdy!!! 👋

Amid the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, we hope that everyone around the world is safe and we pray to God for everyone’s safety. 

May the happiness, joy, determination, zest for doing new things, prevail soon!

Today is the memorable day for CreedAlly’s journey so far. We have completed the first anniversary since the establishment in March 2019.

There is a famous saying,”

“We all have dreams. But to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”

– Jesse Owens

Birth of CreedAlly 🥳 🎉

With a very small but steady gut feeling in March 2019, we started off building a growth platform for serving internal customers (employees & contractors) and external customers (clients).

And then just in a one month time, we were fortunate and CreedAlly success began from 10th April 2019 when it was officially registered. The moment was big and we had no second thoughts with the upcoming challenges. 

You won’t believe friends, we never predicted success, milestones or something of doing big. But we had only one mission and vision for our loyal customers; seamless solutions to their business problems.

And we were more than happy & motivated in May 2019 when CreedAlly’s Logo and Company trademark got the official approval. 

Moreover, it is in the year 2020 that we moved from a home apartment office to a beautiful and energetic corporate office.

These events were never a regular process but a tonic to do bigger, fatter and smoother.

What meaningful message is reflected in CreedAlly’s Logo? 🤔

Friends, many times we come across different logos and its beautiful purpose. It may even force us to think more in-depth how beautifully brands have expressed their message in the logo with full of creativity, vibrancy, and vividness.

We know very well that after reading CreedAlly’s journey, you must be very curious to know about its name and logo.

Well, now here we end your enthusiasm:

When you read “CreedAlly”, it says,

“Group of People with different abilities following the right path to achieve a common goal.”


Isn’t it interesting and has a deep hidden message?

CreedAlly: A Blissful Journey 🙂👍

A small bootstrapped company, CreedAlly began its journey from a small room in an apartment with just “1 Team Member” and theme development work as an initial project.

Even if we just recall this, it always seems to be not such a fancy idea that has huge potential. But it was the determination and 100% dedication that brought us here.

And yes, while we share CreedAlly’s journey it was not at all easy. This 1-year journey was full of ups and downs with no stability. There were a few golden months when we used to get a business and few months damn miserable with no projects to handle.

Friends, a journey is never called a journey where you do not have an equal combination of downfalls and then rise above the expectations. But when we decide so firm and majestically, the sooner or later we always end up walking on that envisioned path. 

The same thing goes with our journey of 1-year success. We failed much time but kept on implementing strategies and important processes. These processes have played an instrumental role in our key to success. 

In the initial 3 months phase, we invested our time, energy and thoughts on the process & documentation. We were able to do this with the help of some Industry friends and well-wishers like you without whom it was not possible. And so we owe a heartfelt thanks to all by standing steady on our side in this journey.

International Footsteps 🗺️🌎

As we started our journey, the strength was more intense. The reason was we increased the time team size from 1 to 5. Well, we know that is not such a large number to express. But these numbers were enough to help CreedAlly step on international soil.

And yes, our hulk team made it to 10 countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Thailand, South Korea, Switzerland, Mexico, and India. 

The journey has just begun.!!! 🚀🚀🚀

We are confident to spread our wings even wider not just we believe in it but is your collective support, feedback and guidance that is helping us to do that. 

One thing we want to tell you is now we have a lot of responsibilities on our small team and that is your trustworthiness. This is where it never allows being on the same level of providing solutions.

Furthermore, we would like to tell you that so far we worked with small to large enterprises with multi-faceted Industries like Online Publishers, Retail & eCommerce, Dental Associations, Fashion & Fintech companies.

Giving back to Community ♥️

At CreedAlly, we believe in giving back to the community. This year we have been part of WordCamp Vadodara, WordCamp Kochi and WordCamp Ahmedabad as sponsor, volunteer and organiser.

We’ve extended our support to help various social activities related to health and education around our neighbourhood.

Words of Wisdom & Thank you note 🤝

That’s all about our 1-year journey full of roller coaster rides and lots of milestones. We are proud of the WordPress community, its members, well-wishers who have shown us the rightful path in every walk of this entire CreedAlly’s business journey.

In the end, CreedAlly and the whole team take this golden opportunity to thank all the well-wishers, clients, family members and yes how can we forget our backbone i.e. Our entire team.

You all have been resourceful, instrumental and helpful with your support and words.

A big thank you to all.

And yes at last, while we all are facing the monstrous pandemic of Covid19 and everywhere it seems that the time and every small action have stopped.

CreedAlly and the entire team wishes the speedy recovery of all those affected people and warriors who are helping others. 

Till then,

Stay Safe and Stay at Home.