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Plugin Files Analysis eliminating abrupt operations

We skillfully analyze each and every file that belong to certain plugins. In WordPress, a lot of things matter upon Theme and Plugin files. If these files are edited the whole system may work abnormally which is definitely a good sign for any ongoing business. For this reason, we build the add-ons of the plugins, which further analyzes plugin files which meet all requirements, version compatibility and functioning in the simplest manner. 

Technical Flow Analysis & Consulting through technology interpretation

Our technical team based on the research, specification and technology implementation decide a particular flow of its operations. We also consult in giving the best suitable solution for technical implementation within the WordPress platform and its functionalities identifying the right plugin, functionality or even industry-specific standards. 

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Detailed Line by line code review (Auto & Manual)

CreedAlly encourages to follow certain WordPress coding standards for better performance, security, readability and fixing of errors. Our developers review each line of code with output generation so as to identify the technical loopholes in coding. This is necessary to resolve the unwanted line of codes, that may distract the performance of the website. We do it manually which takes time to complete the entire coding structure as well as with the help of smart tools such as PHP CS we debug code for better standards.

Frequent Perform internal security checklist

Just as user interface, design, functionalities and code review are important we keep a sharp eye on the internal security of the website. Here, we track its behavior, responsiveness, security layers, coding security, data security, the structural flow of website that directly affect its performance and firewall implementation that shields the data using plugins, tools and coding practices.

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Detailed Code review and analysis report

Our team closely work upon reviewing the complete coding structure to make sure that each and every function, classes, frameworks, database connections are set well and do not abnormally behave even in live scenarios. Based on that we compile and document the whole process with an analysis of its operations. This gives you a detailed view of the website that performs as predefined specifications.

Code quality is the most important aspect of a high performance site. Want to more?

Come and let’s talk about your website coding standards to improve its behaviour and performance