9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About WooCommerce

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The Internet has changed the definition of business and the way we live our life. It has become a major part of it and with the evolution of it, the usage of websites and their creation has been massive too. And when it comes to building a website, WordPress is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind as the most feasible CMS on the planet. 

And WooCommerce is just another extension of WordPress toward the online shopping feature and building a web-based store. Specifically, after Covid-19 as the users are turning toward shopping online instead of buying from the physical stores around them, WooCommerce has been very useful for small to large businesses to move their products online and start selling. 

There are many unknown features of WooCommerce that you might not be aware of and being current or future WooCommerce users you should be knowing it. It has superb potential for growth and expansion of your webstore that not just lets you grow the biz but connect more with customers and apply customization. 

So, let’s explore such hidden or less known facts about WooCommerce that you probably didn’t know before.  

WooCommerce is completely free and open-source

This is the best part of using WooCommerce. While you have to pay monthly for using other platforms like Shopify, here you can start worry-free and invest more into business instead of paying for the platform. Not just free but also it is open source and one with knowledge of coding can use the codes of the platform make changes in it and set it as per their preferences. 

Anyone with experience in using WordPress finds it very easy to operate on WooCommerce. Building a store is easy and comparatively cheaper than other paid platforms. 

It is fully customizable

This is another fact about WooCommerce that you should not miss from your radar. WooCommerce is fully customizable and this plays a powerful role when it comes to building a webstore and managing it. There are lots of ready-to-use themes to create online shopping stores on WooCommerce and one can easily customize basic outlets of the store like header, footer, content, product, payment integration, checkout, and more with coding as well as non-coding in case of basic changes.

In the case of the requirement of further customization, a professional WooCommerce customization agency can do for you with the use of coding languages like CSS, PHP, and javascript.

It has built-in security

Security is the concern for anyone doing business on the web. And specially when it comes to online shopping and web stores where payment has to be done online and data like credit and debit cards, pins, and passwords are at risk of getting stolen, WooCommerce gives you inherit security from its core without worrying about adding additional layers. 

This is a great feature of WooCommerce that it keeps updating over the time and makes itself secure to freely use for your business. Even as a user one can be assured to buy from WooCommerce store without worrying about the security of payment details.

Respiratory of amazing plugins

WooCommerce has thousands of plugins matching all your needs and running your business and grows it on the web. With those plugins, you can add many tools and features that can help a lot running a webstore and growing it. It just does not end there. Being open-source one can even create a plugin as per their need and customer existing one with access. This huge repository of plugins makes running a WooCommerce store super simple and making this yet another super feature of WooCommerce that you might not be aware of. 

Customers can modify search results

Site search for online shopping stores is crucial since customers like to search for things they are specifically looking for. And the faster they can find it from your store the faster they will decide to buy from you. 

This is a cool feature of WooCommerce that you can provide custom search options to your customers and let them set the filters. One can set filters by ratings, most bought, price, product type, and much more!

Automate notifications

There is a good chance that you might not know this fact about WooCommerce that you can automate notifications and keep your past and current customers updated with orders, current offers, events, upcoming coupons, and much more. And that too all can be done just by the use of some plugins as only need one-time setup. 

Powerful WooCommerce community

One more outstanding aspect of using WooCommerce is it has probably the largest set of communities around the globe. Its community includes its users, developers, and contributors who keep on growing the platform and keep innovation afloat. This community is a powerful learning resource as well and you can find a lot of learning material, webinars, meetups, and forums from where one can stay updated and keep growing the knowledge of WooCommerce

2000+ WooCommerce themes

This is an insane benefit of WooCommerce and probably no other platform has these many theme options and variations of ready-to-use designs. Having 2000+ themes is something worth knowing about WooCommerce for you.

Superb flexibility

Last but not the least strength of WooCommerce is the flexibility it provides as a platform. It adopts like anything and fits all kinds of businesses and industries. No matter what product, service, or package you are selling, you will find a solution for your on WooCommerce and even create your customized solution if required. Even it can be used to sell downloadable digital products, events, affiliate systems, and many more business models.  

eCommerce is undoubtedly going to have its best time ahead and the industry is just growing more every year. As the consumer has shifted its shopping habit online shopping is growing at a faster pace than ever and having the right platform like WooCommerce is necessarily a long-term solution. We hope these fascinating things about WooCommerce have made you aware of the platform in the right direction. In case you are looking for building a powerful WooCommerce store for your business, you can contact a professional WooCommerce development agency like CreedAlly.