8 Powerful Methods to Skyrocket Sales of WooCommerce Store in 2021

WooCommence Sky rocket sales

E-Commerce is a business model that lets firms and individuals buy or sell products over the internet. After the pandemic, eCommerce businesses have seen enormous growth and many businesses have started shifting toward online selling. As the trend of e-commerce went up businesses turned toward WordPress and WooCommerce to build their online store and grow sales over there. 

In this article, you will learn how to boost sales of your WooCommerce store? Continue reading if you want to understand what it is and how to use WooCommerce to increase your sales using the steps given in this article.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small-large businesses to build their online shopping store. WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds eCommerce functionality to your WordPress website. 

WooCommerce provides basic store functionality right out of the box with free plugin availability from the plugin repository. WooCommerce is so easy to use and it is designed to make getting started as easy as possible, with simple installations and a set-up wizard to get your e-commerce store ready and run it along with the WordPress themes.

Why should you use this WooCommerce to build your store and increase your sales and revenue?

You may ask why are people using WooCommerce? Because it is easy, free, and can be set up within a few minutes. And in WooCommerce you can sell anything. It even has a vibrant developer community that helps you to do any changes and upgrade features that can boost your business. And there are so many WooCommerce customization agencies that help you to build a store and customize it as per your necessity. 

Also, WooCommerce has powerful analytics which is a built-in feature where it helps you to know about your customers and lets you understand their shopping behavior. With the availability of so many free plugins, WooCommerce has the potential to take your business to the next level with many other competitive advantages over other selling platforms.

8 Tips to boost sales and revenue of your WooCommerce store in 2021:

1. Providing Discounts and Coupons :

Offering discounts and providing coupons will help you increase your WooCommerce store sales. Giving coupons and discounts gets you more customers, your products’ sales increase and it benefits both you and your customers. So, it is a win-win situation! 

Also, WooCommerce has discount plugins like discount rules for WooCommerce, WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing which can help you setting up discounts for particular products. You can provide percentage discounts, price discounts, product discounts, and some other types. Providing discounts may promote your business and might reach a wider range of customers. It is a great feature to increase your WooCommerce sales

Also, WooCommerce has various marketing plugins which help you manage the discount and coupons of your products. You can offer any type of discount and coupons and for that, all you have to do is choose the right WooCommerce sales channel and coupon distributor for the product you are selling.

2. WooCommerce Upsells and Cross-sells:

When we’re searching for products on a website, many websites represent those products and along with that some other related items. And that feature compels visitors to also have a look at those products and hence increasing sales of your WooCommerce store.

You can implement this on your website and to your product using WooCommerce.

Upsells :

In WooCommerce, there is an upsell plugin that encourages customers to buy higher-value products than the current one. It pushes them to buy higher-value products and boost sales of WooCommerce stores. For example, if a customer is looking for a medium-size meal pack and they see a large-size meal pack and a better cost-effective price they might also consider it for next time. 


Cross-selling means making your customers buy the related products additionally to what they are already buying. If you give an option of drink and fries along with a burger and sandwich many customers will purchase them along with it and there goes your cross-sell.

This strategy might sell your products more as this is a very effective one and boost WooCommerce revenue. And WooCommerce has this plugin where it makes things easy for you. This strategy is the best method to increase your WooCommerce sales.

3. Offer points for the purchase :

You can increase your WooCommerce sales by offering points for every purchase customer makes from your eCommerce store. Some loyal customers will be very much happy when they can get additional points while buying your item and then using it while making another purchase.

It is a very powerful incentive where customers might become permanently loyal and sign up for your stores. You can use WooCommerce plugins like Loyalty points, Rewards, and Referral plugins for this kind of functionality. This is another strategy where your WooCommerce sales might increase double or triple times.

4. Flash Sales:

This kind of strategy can be used for any kind of business. It is another effective way to boost WooCommerce revenue. Flash sales are an eCommerce strategy where the site offers discounts on a single product or limited products for a short period of time. This type of sale creates a type of urgency among customers and sales of those products increases for that time period. WooCommerce has various plugins which one can use to increase WooCommerce sales.

5. Send Abandoned cart emails:

One of the most difficult tasks in eCommerce marketing is turning the abandoned carts visitors into active customers. You can do this by sending them particular types of emails. These emails are an economical way of getting them back to that product page and making them consider buying that product again. 

These emails should be sent in regularly and at regular intervals with a great deal or discount. There are various WooCommerce marketing tools like Retainful, Abandoned Cart Reports for WooCommerce, YITH Advanced Cart Recovery, and more that can help you implement this and increase sales of your WooCommerce store. This strategy could be another way to boost your WooCommerce sales easily.

6. Personalized Newsletter:

Many websites do send promotional newsletters but sending personalized newsletters has a completely different level of effect. It is important that these letters are customized according to the customer’s purchase list and the wishlist so that it makes them more interested and would bring them back again and again for new products. 

Also, the offers should make them tempted with urgency and fear of missing out. This is another best strategy to increase WooCommerce sales revenues.

7. Social proof:

Social proof psychology is a phenomenon where people prefer to buy products that others are buying and appreciating. Social proof helps to gain the trust of your customer as many others have already given their rating and reviews for the same and ultimately your WooCommerce store gets a boost in sales

Customer testimonials create credit and increase trust. As these testimonials are based on other customer’s real-life experiences after buying and using the products, it creates a kind of referral or word of mouth. You can also use this method to boost your WooCommerce sales.

8. Sell Gift Cards:

You can upgrade your store by selling gift cards to your customers by using easy to set up WooCommerce plugins. You can set giveaways to provide this gift card to your loyal customer and make them feel happy about it. Having gift cards in your store can increase sales of your WooCommerce store as customers can also buy these gift cards and gift them to their loved ones on different occasions. 

There are various gift card plugins like Gift Press -WooCommerce Gift Cards, YITH WooCommerce gift cards, and more that help in configuring WooCommerce gift certificates at your store.

These are some of the tips on which you can use WooCommerce more effectively and increase your sales and revenue for WooCommerce stores. You can even take help from WooCommerce development agencies like CreedAlly to implement above all methods to boost WooCommerce sales!

When implemented all these methods properly, one can get fabulous sales during holiday seasons when purchasing power increases than usual. These are some really easy to implement methods that can pay you a good return over both short and long periods. If you enjoyed and learned a new methodology to enhance sales of your WooCommerce store then share it on your socials or with someone who can implement this.