6 Ways to Optimize WordPress Websites for Mobile Users

WordPress Optimazation for mobile user

The way we access information has dramatically changed today. We spend more time on mobile devices, reading news, browsing websites & even shopping. It is required to optimize WordPress websites for mobile if you want to reach all those mobile users. Optimizing WordPress Websites for mobile users refers to adjusting your website content in a way that automatically fits every screen size of the mobile devices. 

It will ensure that visitors who access the site from mobile have a customized experience to their devices. If we optimize WordPress websites for mobile users it will drive more traffic to your business’s digital assets. And you will stay in better touch with customers with your short content pieces and more easy to share updates.

As the usage and need for mobile devices are increasing, it has started to become mandatory to optimize WordPress sites for mobile. Being a WordPress development agency at CreedAlly we always build a website with mobile responsiveness and over time we have gained expertise at it. 

We are going to discuss 6 ways in which you can optimize your WordPress website for mobile devices in this blog. And if you will read till the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of different ways to do it and with the technical knowledge, you will be able to try it by yourself. 

6 Effective ways to optimize WordPress website for mobile users: 

Use Mobile-Friendly Themes

To optimize the WordPress site for mobile you must choose a mobile-friendly WordPress theme that would adjust the mobile device screen. In a traditional method, there used to be a separate mobile website developed specially for mobile devices and it runs alongside another desktop website. But with the use of responsive WordPress themes, there is no need for such separate websites for mobile devices!

Most of the WordPress themes nowadays come with mobile responsiveness only but still when you are looking for a theme for your website make sure that it has mobile responsive elements for WordPress optimization for mobile devices.

Only add optimized images

Because of oversized & unnecessary images, Page loading time slows down. Image optimization is an important requirement to keep up with the speed & the right file format should be used. To optimize your WordPress website for mobile users, always optimize images for mobile and limit the size of any single image for optimal page loading. 

Images take a huge stake in the size of your page and if they are not optimized then your site speed is going to be low and that results in a bad user experience. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load on mobile then half of the visitors will leave the website without even visiting it. So it is very essential that you optimize WordPress images for mobile.

Increase website speed for fast loading

In order to optimize WordPress speed the first step should be testing your WordPress website & using lightweight plugins. Test your mobile speed: Google Page Speed & GTmetrix can test your website speed and give you detailed reports for where you are lacking and needs improvement.

Use adaptive images: Adaptive images will serve smaller images to mobile devices.

Enable mobile caching: The cache plugin has a choice of preloading desktop or mobile cache. If most of the visitors are mobile users, you can choose to preload mobile caches.

With the use of the above methods and plugins, you can easily optimize WordPress speed for mobile.

Use relevant plugins for mobile responsiveness

If using a responsive WordPress theme is not a choice for you or even on the top of such a theme you require better optimized WordPress Websites for mobile users then plugins are the way to increase the mobile responsiveness of your website. 

With the simple use of these plugins, you can have your WordPress website optimized for all mobile device usage. Below is the list of some of those useful plugins!

  • WPtouch
  • Jetpack
  • WP mobile edition
  • WordPress mobile pack

Optimize website text

To optimize WordPress for mobile it’s important that you focus on website text content as well. Like images, you need to minimize text too. Visitors have very limited space on the screen, they are not going to scroll down & focus on your text. You need to give visitors what they want only then they would be attentive while going through your WordPress website.

Forget filling your website with fancy graphics, too many of them will just cause more time to load. Instead, try to provide the required details. You need to understand the topic & make genuine content that would drive much more traffic and also you will end up optimizing your WordPress website for mobile users!

Consider mobile SEO

You should ensure that the online search engine crawlers can easily navigate through your website. Some plugins & themes can be used to help in improving the SEO of your WordPress website. 

Search engines like Google also have separate bots for mobile which decide the result of a mobile search that already have a huge attention span. Fix your mobile SEO to optimize WordPress site for mobile.

  • Internal linking on the site: This will help search engines discover new pages & index them. The page needs to be relevant to the topic & will add value to your content.
  • Optimize header tags: Header tags are the headings that designate the start of a section. This will help Google understand the context of your page.
  • Readability of your site: The website is beautifully designed but the readers can’t read the content then it’s not worth using user-friendly websites!

Considering the fact that about 3 hours is spent by an average user daily perusing social networks on mobile phones & they will be coming across a bunch of different websites you always have to be active when it comes to optimizing WordPress websites for mobile devices. With a large score of people using mobile, you should always monitor and test your site for mobile devices optimization to make sure it works well. If you are facing any issue to do it by yourself then rather hire an expert agency who provides WordPress performance and optimization services.