5 WooCommerce Customization Techniques Really Successful Agencies Use

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WooCommerce is a blessing for webstore owners and comes with lots of free and paid features to build and grow an online shopping business. Not only great plugins and features but also WooCommerce itself is very customizable. Even it is possible to take your store global with the help of plugins that automatically translate currency and languages and reach the audience from different parts of the world. 

WooCommerce customization is a broader aspect that covers high-end features and configuration like mentioned above and also basic things like style, menu, themes, colors, and overall aspect of the webstore. It all can be possible with a proper WooCommerce customizer and other third-party plugins. 

When it comes to WooCommerce customization the scope is literally just unlimited. It totally goes on who is making that happen. The ideas for WooCommerce customization will differ from person to a professional WooCommerce development agency. And in this particular blog, we are going to cover some great and cool  WooCommerce customization techniques that successful WooCommerce agencies like CreedAlly use to turn your webstore around and really make something out of it.  

5 Cool WooCommerce Customization Techniques:

1) Currency and language switching 

Since the use of online shopping has increased since the pandemic, customers have started shopping from cross borders easily from the comfort of their home and this has arised the need to customize the WooCommerce shop page for currency and language. 

Generally, when you want to add another language to the website you need to manually translate the whole website and redirect to a particular location. Rather with WooCommerce, you can use plugins like “Weglot” that easily lets you translate into multiple languages without doing it manually. This plugin is compatible with all WooCommerce themes and templates. 

Similarly “WOOCS” is a currency switcher that lets customers from different regions let the product view in their local currency. The use of such plugin saves a lot of time and money for the store owners by automating the process with the available WooCommerce customization plugin.

2) Setting flow of information

Every product page has a lot of information about the product and its specifications. Those all information shall be presented in front of your customers with the proper and ideal flow for better selling and easy and non-cluster presentation. When you do a WooCommerce customize product page, you can set the flow of information and set up a hierarchy with maximum effectiveness. 

It is required that product page information has been set to a particular flow. The ideal flow looks something like the following: breadcrumbs, product information (basic one), details product description, button to place order, metadata, ratings and reviews, technical specification, similar products (upsell/cross-sell). This is the sort of WooCommerce product page customization you get to see when you work with successful agencies. 

3) Product page sorting

When the new product is added in WooCommerce, by default it is presented at the top of the product listing page. Users nowadays need to browse better with a different type of customization from their end. They might want to sort the products based on the price of the product, popularity, or reviews of the product. Agencies customize the WooCommerce shop page with all these product sorting options so that any user can easily navigate and find the product they are looking for.

 4) Personalisation in product recommendation

When it comes to WooCommerce customization it can not go without making personalization in recommending products to the visitors of the webstore. This comes obviously as this tends to increase sales and revenue of the store owner and increase the sale of products. 

There are many ways agencies personalize product recommendations using customized WooCommerce shop pages

  • Based on the past behavior of customer and purchase history
  • Based on the past product page visits a number of times the visit happened
  • Similar products can go with selected items
  • Data from ads or any other tools

 5) User-based discount

People love discounts. And when the discount is customized based on behavior, it overwhelms the user. They feel understood and they really like it. Such WooCommerce customize a product page for discount can be done based on the following aspects.

  • The loyalty of the customer
  • Time duration since last purchase
  • Type of product they are buying
  • Frequency of shopping on your webstore

Such WooCommerce customization becomes a real driving force to the growth of a webstore when done right from a proper WooCommerce agency.

6) Personalization in user communication

When a customer is registered on the website, data of user like name can be used to add one more layer of personalization. This can help create personalization in communication, increasing brand loyalty and in turn increase revenue and sales. 

As part of WooCommerce customization following personalization in communication can be executed. 

  • When a user login with the website, they can see greetings with their name
  • While checking out custom message appears with the first name of the user
  • For different pages like support, FAQs, profiles, and others, customization of asking questions or answering can be done with personalization. 

What other customizations to consider in WooCommerce for your online store? 

  • Customize the WooCommerce product page
  • Customize the WooCommerce category pages
  • Customize the WooCommerce checkout
  • Managing WooCommerce variations and attributes
  • Manage and update your WooCommerce site
  • Improve WooCommerce customer experience

WooCommerce itself is so powerful, adding customization to it can make it an unbeatable and revenue-driving machine. With the above WooCommerce customization, one can improve the user experience as well as the webstore itself. When it comes to getting it customized, we love helping store owners do it with the above techniques and many more like these that actually take them toward growth. At CreedAlly we are passionate about the power WooCommerce customization holds for web stores and how we can do it the best. Do reach out to us in case you are looking for customization with your WooCommerce store