4 Types of WordPress Theme Customisation Your Website Needs [in 2021]

Theme Customization

Do you know why it’s the first choice to use WordPress for both developers and website owners when it comes to creating a website? It’s a very user-friendly platform and a very convenient CMS. Thousands of WordPress themes available to customize and choose from that let you set your preferences and kill it at your business.

41% of the web is built on WordPress CMS. That tells us a lot about the power of this CMS. Even if you are a newbie, just when you stumble upon these statistics you can understand that it is widely used by almost half of the world to build their website. It’s a no-brainer to choose WordPress CMS over any other option to go building your website with a hassle-free approach, easy customization, and security to guard you and your users on the web.

Why do you need WordPress theme customization in 2021 and beyond?

Those of you who have chosen to build your website on WordPress CMS might have a set of questions now. You have bought a domain name, hosting is ready, selected your WordPress theme, installed it, and now ready to take over the world with your website and business. But the theme has a set of prefixed elements, and you want to unleash your creativity in your website. You don’t want a website that looks like 1200 other sites on the internet, do you?

That’s where WordPress theme customization comes in to rescue you. Some of you might ask, “why to choose to customize a WordPress theme for my business?” Besides making your website stand out, it represents your brand uniquely over the internet which leaves an impression on your buyer’s mind and makes them fall in love. Because ultimately it is not just a showcase. It is where your business will live and breathe.

If you are going to build a dream website then first you have to select a customizable WordPress theme. Once done, here is how you can go on with WordPress theme customization with 4 easy to follow ways. Let’s dive into them with details.

4 type of WordPress theme customization you can do on your website:

1) Theme customization

built-in theme customizer to customize your WordPress theme without doing any kind of coding. It goes on the type of theme you have chosen. If it’s a free theme, you will have limited options while with paid ones your customization options and flexibility increase.

So to customize a WordPress theme with an in-built theme customizer, you need to navigate to “Appearance” from the left panel of your WordPress dashboard and then choose “Customise”. There you will see options to change many theme options like logo, favicon, colors, site name, and more.

In case you want to customize your WordPress theme with code, we recommend visiting your .htaccess from the file manager. Make it standard practice when it comes to editing code of your theme. You can do it multiple ways. Directly edit the code in the .htaccess file on the file manager itself. Or download your files, edit them in your local system with Notepad++ or any other code editor and upload the updated files back to your file manager.

2) Child theme Creation and Customisation:

Another best way to do WordPress theme customization is by creating a child theme from the theme you have installed on the platform. With a child theme, you can take advantage of the frameworks and functionalities of the parent theme and build something on top of it as per your design preference.

Even you can upgrade your parent theme and customization done in the child theme of the WordPress will stay intact. In case you have made the customization and still do not like it? You can disable the child theme and have the parent theme back as it was.

Setting up a child theme is a very easy process. Create a folder in your file manager for a child theme and create style.css in it. Now head over to “Appearance – themes” and activate the child theme you just created. Next, create the functions.php file which allows you to edit features and functionalities.

Now go on customizing that child theme as you like it without worrying about messing up anything as you have the parent theme to back you up.

3) Admin Dashboard Customisation

The website admin dashboard is something that you or any of your team members might need to access regularly. So creating the admin dashboard keeping in the mind about experience and usability is always preferable. WordPress gives you the default dashboard when you first install it but based on your requirement you can always customize it.

Following are the ways you can customize your admin dashboard:

  • You can replace the login page details like logo and background for a custom feel
  • Change the color, functionality, toolbars, and statistics on your admin dashboard panel.
  • Create custom widgets for quick access
  • Remove unnecessary menu items.
  • Change theme of your dashboard using admin themes

4) Gutenberg Block Customisation and development

Gutenberg is one of the best ways to customizable WordPress themes. It is a block-based editor where you can add, change or remove the content of different pages and posts on your WordPress website. You can create your custom blocks and reuse them wherever needed throughout the website to save your time and energy. Personally, we get intrigued to use Gutenberg block editors for coded and without coding theme customization. (Yes, you can do both ways as per requirement). You can even create a whole new theme using Gutenberg block editor.

You can customize your block with “Block style variations” Some blocks can have multiple block styles while others not many. To style individual blocks, you can use the .wp-block selector. You can customize styles like width, typography, page/post title, and much more. You can even disable Gutenberg custom color picker or shift to a different set of custom colors.

With Gutenberg block customization for themes, you can expand your custom attributes and control to a wide variety of your choice. The best thing? You can create a block pattern of your choice to reuse as many times as you like. Select that predesigned block pattern and take it from there instead of ZERO.

Possibilities go endless when you choose to use Gutenberg to customize the WordPress theme.

So all the above are several ways to do WordPress website and theme customization. But it is highly recommended to use WordPress theme customization services if you are not proficient around the platform. Easy at first glance but when you are planning to twist your themes, it can become very confusing and complex. At CreedAlly we offer WordPress theme customization to businesses who want to stand out from the crowd and build something that can leave a footprint.