4 Reasons – WordPress is a Digital Experience Platform for Enterprise

WordPress is a Digital Experience Platform

The world is really evolving at lightning speed. Before we even start imagining a new concept, someone somewhere might be finishing up with it. Businesses and especially Enterprise businesses need to be aware of all the latest updates. Enterprises need to provide the best experience to their customer to stay on top of their mind and keep growing their base. And in this dynamic time, they need a reliable solution that can provide a digital customer experience as well as fits the pockets and stay updated as the world changes.

Understanding this need of every enterprise-level business with our constant engagement with them and past close working experiences we are going to explain how the best CMS in the world is not just a CMS anymore and becoming a reliable solution for enterprises and changing the whole game with its charm with fitting in all shapes and forms for them. 

And Yes, that dynamic and best CMS is WordPress

What is a Digital Experience Platform?

Since we are exploring the digital journey for customers of enterprises, let’s stumble upon what Digital Experience Platform is in a nutshell. Only managing content on the internet is not enough nowadays. Things have evolved drastically and with that, the experience one provides to their customer also should be. Every company is a “Tech & Media” company nowadays and for enterprises, it applies the most. 

The evolution of the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) started with the need for personalization. DXP is a software or a platform that meets the need of enterprises transforming themselves digitally with the final goal of providing unimaginable better and personalized customer experience with integration of data, technology across all possible touchpoints. 

Difference between CMS, WEM, and DXP?

With the change in consumer behavior, the approach of enterprise-level business also has been changing. And tools, software, and systems shall also be changed and upgraded. Let’s understand the basic difference between CMS, WEM, and DXP that will further clarify why DXP is the way to go for enterprise and how WordPress is the best platform for them.

Content Management System (CMS) is the basic system that let organize and categorize the written content, data, images, and other collection on the internet to make it accessible to the public.

Web Experience Management (WEM) is the system that shares data of customers across multiple channels for cross-department collaboration. 

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is just beyond data sharing across digital platforms. It now shares the data even with billboards, kiosks in-store, customer support, and e-commerce for better personalization. 

Seamless Integration

WordPress is nowadays an open-source Digital Experience Platform that is here to stay with its ever-expanding integration with all kinds of different tools and software. As it’s open-source, it kind of holds unlimited possibility to literally integrate with any and all kind of medium with either plugin or custom coding with ease. 

As a platform it is actively maintaining and improving not just a CMS but as the best Digital Experience Platform possibly available for enterprises. Plus it has backward compatibility and it makes sure that the code you implement today is not going to break tomorrow with future updates. Personalization and customer experience come effortlessly when you as an enterprise choose WordPress as DXP as you can now connect it with data from IoT devices, smartphones, VR devices, LEDs, and much more. 

Super Content Management Capability

Since the REST API is now part of WordPress, it is very much possible to manage content and data across different channels and touchpoints with the help of API integration. Even the hosting infrastructure like WP Engine, WordPress VIP has made it possible to increase the capability of managing data on the platform with lightning speed and expand it into a digital customer experience platform.

WordPress follows accessibility standards to make sure that your all form of content and messaging reaches to all kinds of audiences across all platforms enhancing your customer experience. These all easily drive and signal WordPress as not just a newbie but as a mature content experience platform for enterprises!

Enterprise-Level Security

WordPress core is so secure that the latest version of WordPress hasn’t got into any major security breach. And as enterprise security matters a lot when it comes to choosing the right kind of digital experience platform. Over the years with an ever-growing community and experts, WordPress has been successful to bring in enterprise-level security and harden the environment enough to stand against security vulnerability and hacking level attacks.

So it is safe to say that when choosing WordPress as your digital experience platform you don’t have to be concerned about the security part of your whole customer experience or data even a bit with the platform’s own strengthened immune code. 

Pocket-Friendly Scalability 

As enterprise scalability is always going to be a deciding factor as fast-growing and expansion in verticals is always the part of the game. And you can be assured to be able to touch billions of page views per month with the right infrastructure and development partner like CreedAlly. With the right themes, plugins, constant monitoring of performance, and powerful hosting your dxp platform is always ready to scale at your need and that too by fitting into your pockets. 

When you tackle data that is flowing through multiple channels, scaling one always affects other ones too. And it requires to do both; control the expense and scale without slowing down. Thus WordPress becomes the best digital customer experience platform meeting both needs for your enterprise-level business.

With the rapid evolution of technology and ever-increasing usage of IoT-like devices, providing a digital experience to customers has become a priority for enterprises to win over the future. And with all the above benefits and progressions in WordPress, it fits more than ever as the right digital experience platform for enterprises. Enquire with us to take your user experience completely digital and to the next level with the world’s most beloved and used platform WordPress!